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Thread Scribbling

My art practice primarily involves making tactile and detailed art quilts using a semi-industrial sewing machine as my main drawing tool. To create varied outcomes, my methods also encompass a broad range of materials and approaches including painting, photography and printmaking. My process is typically improvisational, enabling unexpected outcomes. I find a certain pleasure in allowing the work to evolve unexpectedly as I create. 

50 Shades of Lichen

A completed work inspired by the coastal rock lichens found on the east coast of Tasmania. The work was selected for the Spring/March Issue of Art Quilting Studio Artist Portfolio section, and the 2022 Ravenswood Women's Art Prize.

Old Girls, Teas and Gums

A completed work I started at my Henry Jones Artist Residency. As can be seen from the video larger works with non flexible primed canvas can be somewhat difficult to manage. 

Video 1 Karoline Crilley Productions

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